Arsenal Should Sell RVP on the Last Day of the Transfer Season

Arsenal has a plan: sell RVP at the last minute. And it’s brilliant. Selling Robin van Persie after having him play the first game or two of the season lets Arsenal start the season strong and buy time for the new players to transition in. Two more weeks of RVP helps Arsenal transition. Ciao Bello RVP!

My money says ManCiteh and ManU can’t buy RVP because he’s already been sold. RVP’s off to Juventus (I hope). Regardless, the deal won’t conclude (or at least Arsenal won’t sign) until after August 26th, or at least August 18th.

Why? Because it doesn’t make any sense for Arsenal to sell RVP before the first or even second game this season. Buy the players you need -Podolski, Giroud, Cazorla – and play RVP during the first couple games to manage the transition. Then sell RVP when Arsenal is ready, when the squad is ready. Even Nasri played a game before leaving last year.

Sure RVP’s value drops a bit, but who cares? Arsenal can scream about wanting £25M or whatever price they want. But lets be honest, Arsenal, and Gooners, would strike this deal in a heartbeat: £15M, two wins in the first two games, more time for the new players to get settled, and RVP off to Italy (fingers crossed).

It’s the smart move.

So while the RVP rumors have swirled and the media swooned, Arsenal ignored everything and rebuilt the squad overnight. The only challenge, really, was the time needed to transition the players in. It makes sense that outside Clubs haven’t made any headway for RVP. He’s going to be sold. But when Arsenal decide. Timing is everything.

Thankfully, this should mean no repeat of last year. Imagine this lineup against Sunderland (Aug 18) and possibly Stoke City (Aug 26): Szczesny, Gibbs, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Jenkinson, Arteta, Song, Ramsey, Gervinho, RVP, Walcott. Absent Sagna and Rosicky, that’s almost the exact same lineup as last year. Ditto with Santos, Chamberlain, Djourou, and Coquelin on the bench. Add Diaby and there’s yet more cover.

Big clubs can afford to take a loss

Arsenal always buy and sell smart. Sometimes too smart. This time, Arsenal will accept a “loss” on RVP. But this loss is in the media, not in reality. Don’t be shocked if RVP leaves for ~£15M at the transfer deadline to Juventus. That would be a huge win.

– RVP pays for one of Cazorla/Podolski/Giroud

– RVP provides cover for a strong start this season

– Podolski, Giroud, and Cazorla have time to transition for a strong total season.

Wenger’s best summer ever? Brilliant.

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