The Curious case of Yann M’Vila and Arsenal: is it a negotiation tactic?

Yann M’Vila should be a Gunner. In fact, if you look at rumor reports from just a few months ago, M’Vila was just waiting to sign the paperwork. Personal terms were agreed. But fast forward just a few months and M’Vila to Arsenal seems dead in the water. More importantly, M’Vila to anyone until this week was dead in the water. So what happened?

On paper, M’Vila fits exactly what Arsenal need. Young, incredibly talented; he’s a strong defensive midfielder that would protect the defense. Even better, M’Vila slots in perfectly with Arsenal’s gameplay; his passing rate puts him on par with Arteta, while his defensive mindset reminds one more of Makélelé. Better yet, M’Vila even stated a desire to come to Arsenal. So it’s no shock that Arsenal submitted a bid for him during the trauma that was the end of the 2011 transfer season.

That offer was rejected, but Arsenal’s interest continued well up to May 2012, even after M’Vila’s arrest. It wasn’t until after Euro 2012 and M’Vila’s fight with Laurent Blanc, that Arsenal seemed to officially drop all interest. With Wenger stating in July there would be no bid, albeit depending on the injury situation at Arsenal.

So is this a case of a player’s off the field problems preventing him from transferring? Or is it more than that?

For a player of M’Vila’s standing (aged only 22 and French International starter), it’s shocking that no Club has submitted an offer or that he is not agitating to leave. Remember, when Inter were interested, that was a bit of a price war, one Arsenal did not want. There were also reports that Arsenal were not happy about the deal being discussed publicly -something Gooners are well aware of.

For Gooners, it’s interesting that (1) so much confirmed interest by the Club was vested in M’Vila; (2) no other DM was seriously considered; and, (3) nothing happened. Arsenal transfers are often drawn out and M’Vila’s fit the pattern: August 2011 through July 2012. Although this summer has been more decisive than ever.

The “undisclosed bid”

Now, there is a confirmed bid for M’Vila from an English Club. And, all the reports say it’s the sp#rs. Conflicting reports out of M’Vila’s camp and Rennes, however, raise questions.

  • M’Vila’s camp apparently confirmed an offer, but to a non-Champions League club (sp#rs?). A move M’Vila apparently does not want.
  • Rennes officially denied that it was the sp#rs that made the offer. And, since Rennes announced the offer, why lie? Just say nothing.
  • Making things more fun, M’Vila has been non-committal. Even saying he would stay in Rennes for another year.

Frankly. It’s just weird. Arsenal shouldn’t buy every player that wants to come to Arsenal. But the Yann M’Vila affair just doesn’t add up.

In the end, maybe he does end up at the sp#rs. But I won’t rule out Arsenal yet, especially with the Song rumors. I do know these behind scene dramas are the stories fans would love to know.


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