Did Arsenal Pull an Adebayor on ManU?

Ignore the media, Arsenal is crushing the transfer season. Selling Robin van Persie for £20M+ was brilliant: “£20m-plus for a 29-year-old with a shaky injury history.” Gooners should smile, just not in public, keep it calm and quiet. The truth is, Wenger may just have pulled an Adebayor on ManU.  Because you know the minute ‘Arry Redknapp says Arsenal are done and dusted, the Club have done something right.

If we can bracket the emotions here, which we footie fans always find difficult, Wenger just had his best summer ever. Arsenal is going in a different direction than RVP and getting £20M+ for a player that at 29 had one excellent season is fantastic. I remember the 2010/11 season and people always waiting for RVP to get hurt. So, yes, it improves Manu on paper. But Arsenal have to focus on Arsenal and improving their squad. We can’t worry about everyone else.

Adebayor essentially did the same thing. Now he has no Club and his holding on to his pay packet as tightly as possible because it will never come again. Sp*rs are as good as it’s going to get for him. And don’t forget, he was on Real Madrid at one point. Nasri just got lucky. He’s an FA Cup stalwart that Mancini wanted to sell this summer, except ManCitehy is just, well ManCiteh.

RVP’s agent totally screwed his client. Sure his client got paid, but if it wasn’t about money, and I don’t think it was for RVP (it was for his agent), RVP played his hand completely wrong. By telling Arsene and company last season that basically he was leaving -RVP and his agent apparently listed a series of proposals that were meant to be impossible for Arsenal -the Club prepared for life without him.

And Arsenal prepared fast. So fast that RVP had second thoughts, but it was already too late. The Club obviously spent the money they anticipated receiving for RVP. If you watched the Cologne game you can see that RVP knew the door was shut. He was finished with Arsenal. Indeed, we later found out Arsene had just informed told him he was being sold (with I’m sure the appropriate amount of guilt for leaving) and the fans were booing him.

Now RVP’s 29 and a mercenary. A mercenary that if we drop the emotions, is going to a team that is weaker than last year. For all the talk about Arsenal being a selling Club, players don’t lie. ManU failed to capture the players they most wanted (and needed): Hazard or Lucas. Kagawa, good as he is, and RVP, as much as we loved him, won’t fix their midfield or defense. Capturing RVP was a matter of face for Fergie and Wenger knew it! So he kep the price up. Meanwhile, Arsenal picked up a German international, France’s leading scorer, and the best player in Spain not on RM or Barca.

Unlike Adebayor a huge amount wasn’t reinvested. This time it was. But the fact is, the Club is doing better than the player. RVP is the new Adebayor. And he knows it. So I’m not mad at him; more sad is all. His family told him to stay. He should have listened.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

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